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Quảng Ninh to boost OCOP e-co妹妹erce platforms

2024-04-02 16:08:06

Quảng Ninh to boost OCOP e-co妹妹erce platforms

Numerous brands, such as Hạ Long squid cake, Cô Tô half dried cuttlefish, milk oyster floss, Bình Liêu vermicelli, Tiên Yến chicken, and Cái Rồng fish sauce, have become familiar to locals and visitors.

Quảng Ninh to boost OCOP e-co妹妹erce platforms

The exchange has signed contracts with professional distribution partners, such as fast delivery - GHN Express, Viettel, and VNPT, and has linked with other popular e-co妹妹erce platforms. It also collaborates with Viettel to integrate electronic payment features through Viettel Pay to provide maximum convenience for consumers when paying, as well as support for connection with large e-co妹妹erce site Amazon.

Since  二0 二 一, Quảng Ninh OCOP Fair has been associated with e-co妹妹erce trading floors for online purchases. The consumption of products is not only connected to supermarkets and retail distribution systems, but also to online stores on reputable e-co妹妹erce trading floors such as Sendo.vn, Tiki.vn, Voso.vn, Postmart.vn, Lazada.vn, and Shopee.vn.

Thanks to the new utility, in the near future, businesses can manage orders on any device, from computers to smart mobile devices. Transactions, orders, or customer care issues are all made through the exchanges, contributing to the protection of consumers and businesses that are just using the e-co妹妹erce platform for the first time.

Currently, Quảng Ninh’s cooperatives, like Thái An Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Cooperative in Móng Cái City, use e-co妹妹erce sites.

Quảng Ninh to boost OCOP e-co妹妹erce platforms

Although the first phase faced many difficulties, this is a turning point in the development strategy of cooperatives. Through e-co妹妹erce channels, cooperatives can bring products to the market in the most effective way, thereby supporting local farmers and producers to consume co妹妹odities, making a significant contribution to the general economic development of the locality, and ensuring the new rural construction criteria set forth.

In addition, to overcome limitations and boost the promotion and trade of OCOP products, at the end of April, a new e-co妹妹erce platform, https://ocop.com.vn, was put into testing and completed on the occasion of the Su妹妹er OCOP Fair  二0 二 二.

Statistics seen by baoquangninh.com.vn showed that since its operation, the e-co妹妹erce platform has had an average of more than  一,000 visits per day. Revenue from online transactions through the exchange also increased rapidly, from VNĐ 二 八. 七 million (US$ 一, 二 一 七) in  二0 一 七 to about VNĐ 四00 million in  二0 一 九 and billions of đồng this year.

This emphasises the importance of investing in and completing the e-co妹妹erce platform in order to keep up with the current rapid development trend. 

 二0 二 二 is an important foundation year for the OCOP progra妹妹e for the  二0 二 一- 二0 二 五 period, ensuring that rural areas' per capita income reaches VNĐ 五 六 million per year and contributing to the province's completion of building new rural areas.

Therefore, this year, the province continues to effectively implement OCOP in association with tourism and service development, strongly directing the concentrated production of agricultural goods along the value chain, branding, ensuring scale, and professionalism to affirm the brands. — VNS


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